Japanese Market around Cryptocurrency

The Biggest Cryptocurrency Market in The World today

Despite the huge movement of cryptocurrency, Japan is the biggest market in the World. Almost 40% of fund coming from Japan, so persuasive marketing strategy is the right answer. However, most of ICO are missing communication between Japan. WHY?

There are some reasons.

1. Translation Quality. Japanese are very sensitive with Translation.

Japanese is very sensitive language, and people are caring small details and if detect strangely language, as a result, they won’t invest their money. It is a huge sign of (Even if not so) a Scam.So Translation must be done and check by Japanese Native Speaker.

We only have professional Japanese native Translator & proofreader with more than 10years experience. Quality guaranteed.

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2. Lack of Communication. NO Japanese native supporter.

So, you could reach to the people in Japan. explaining your great project. They have some question. Probably very important or sensitive. Because they will invest their very important fund. However, the can’t get a clear answer in Japanese… They won’t put their fund anymore!
They need support from Japanese natives. For inquiry, question, also thinking what’s happened if they are in trouble with…Japanese think that resolving problems with English is super troublesome task!!

We have experienced Japanese support executive has extensive knowledge of Japanese support manner

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3. Wrong Marketing Strategy. Since Japan has a unique culture, your best practice isn’t the best always.

Japanese Believe it or Not?
In Japan, eBay is not existing as a marketplace, instead, we have Yahoo Auction. Believe it or Not?
Japan, is islands. Japan is isolated. Japan has a unique culture. Also on the internet. Forum style is not popular, a 4Chan style anonymous board is popular. So, you need to know more about Japanese internet channel to reach the people. You cannot fish in the pond which has no fish!
We are a very experienced community manager for Japan. We are a millennial generation. Ask us everything about Japanese Internet culture!

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Japanese people are very chairness. They never put their money into the suspicious project. Well, your project is enough trustable, however, those strangers bring their poor image to your great project.  Don’t mess up your project in the really last moment of reaching!